Bless Up
last updated: Aug 28, 2015

1840 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Weekly - Tuesdays




Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi




Reggae, dancehall and remixes with Jah Yzer, I-vier and Irie Dole of Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi.  Early warm by DJ Boomshell.


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8 reviews for Bless Up

Average Rating: (3 out of 5 stars) based on 8 reviews

Always good reggae music
Ei. ei run
05-15-15 at 5:06 PM

Rastafari is for the liberation of all mankind, black and white elite subjugate black and white. Bob was white ans black. One blood!
Jah Sunny
09-04-12 at 10:30 AM

Mi luv dis place
rasta j
05-29-12 at 4:42 PM

For my taste, I find the music as being too much on the hip hop (Jamaican DJ) side. I go there and DJs will not play a single song that has rhythm. It's all singing with nothing but drums
09-27-11 at 12:36 PM

Appreciate classics and want music from 80's and 90's
07-19-11 at 1:32 PM

it's ironic when you have "rasta-imposta" babylonians (white boys) attempt to be rastas. they are cultural appropriators, however I don't think they know it. why can't they just be who they are and stop being something they are not? they can cut off their locks and take off their rasta attire and blend right back into white america, as for we rastas, we can not. It's been a historical tragedy when it comes to black music, black culture, black aesthetics being commodified and sold only to benefit the colonizers = the white folks. its seems to me that they are too arrogant to realize the massive destruction they have on people of color and their cultures that they are continuously try to hold on to. the colonizers still don't give us equal respect but they expect to be given the most high respect. it is such a paradox that people of color live in. when will we be given back our humanity? I think the answer lies in the ideology of Frantz Fanon and other revolutionary thinkers that believe that the only way we, as historically marginalized peoples of color to get our humanity back is true the same way they, the colonizers took it from us, thru rationale violence. they do not consider us as equal human beings, that is why they do not reciprocate the same respect we give them. Our kindness is our weakness. That is our downfall. If we do not stand up for our humanity, our culture, our ways of thinking, we are only going to be assimilators without a true cultural essence.
San Francisco
04-21-11 at 1:51 PM

As a positive man, I do not like to speak negative, but I must speak the truth.If you want music, good music, music with riddim, do not go! I went last nite, and could barely even dance.It was reggae music from 80's and 90's, but this is 2010!!! So I do not understand that what I saw last nite! Disappointed!!
06-23-10 at 3:31 PM

East Bay
05-08-08 at 10:42 AM